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Fluentalk T1 Tutorials

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How to use Fluentalk T1 Portable Translator?

How to use photo translation on Fluentalk T1?

When you use the Photo Translation of T1, there're 39 languages it can translate.

How to use ask for direction mode on Fluentalk T1?

Double-click the power button, and you will easily get it.

How to use listen mode on Fluentalk T1?

Quickly switch to our Listen Mode to translate anything that’s said to you or being said around you.

How to use one click transaltion on Fluentalk T1?

For quick conversation, a perfect Ice-Breaker. Double click of power-on button to start this mode for fluent conversation.

How to set up translation language on Fluentalk T1?

You can select language easily on any screen.

How to Install Nano-SIM Card on Fluentalk T1?

Just do like your phone.

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